Kenya: Opposition demand access to the election commision servers

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Kenya: Opposition demand access to the election commision servers

"If they can open those servers, and we all look at it, we are prepared to accept the results of what is contained in those servers", James Orengo, chief election agent for the NASA opposition coalition, told reporters.

"Allegations of hacking into the electoral system have been made".

Odinga's opposition party, the National Super Alliance, has repeatedly called for calm as the final results are compiled. "Court is not an alternative ..." Odinga also lost the 2007 election, which was followed by violence fueled by ethnic tensions that killed more than 1,000 people.

Preliminary results by the electoral commission show incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta leading main challenger Raila Odinga 54% to 45% with more than 98% of polling stations reporting.

However, he admitted on Thursday that there had been an attempt to tamper with the poll system, but the hackers had not succeeded.

"We have seen disputed elections in places like the United States, but so long as the process is, by and large, they have been carried out in a transparent and credible way, politicians should accept the result in a statesmanlike manner".

Kenya's election commission was preparing to release final results yesterday from a hotly-disputed vote in which the opposition has already claimed victory, fanning tensions in the east African nation.

"We plead for patience as we work through this process", the commission's CEO, Ezra Chiloba, said at a briefing Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, Kerry said he was confident in the integrity of the Kenyan elections and praised the country's election commission for its transparency and diligence.

His party declared him the victor on Thursday, based on a secret source within the election commission they declined to identify.

But the leader decline to say what their next move was despite saying they will not go to court adding "we will let Kenyans decide".

Kenyatta's administration has also been plagued by allegations of corruption that many Kenyans see as the reason for the country's vast inequalities, with well-connected millionaires enjoying luxuries while large numbers of people struggle to afford food and housing.

The election commission is almost finished collecting and posting online official forms signed by party agents from each of the country's 41,000 polling stations and 290 constituencies.

"No Kenyan should die because of an election", Godec said.

Several businesses across Kenya remained closed on Friday with only a handful resuming work after a keenly contested general election that has left the country on edge. "Leaders above all need to make that clear". The opposition stance immediately raised concerns that protests by disappointed supporters of Odinga could lead to violence. Those charges were later dropped for lack of evidence, and Kenyatta ran for president in 2013, making his defiance of the ICC one of his campaign's centerpieces.

But confrontations emerged a day later between police and protesters in opposition strongholds in the capital and the western city of Kisumu, leaving at least two people dead.

Bystanders watch as Kenyan police trucks arrive following a protest at Nairobi's Mathare slum on August 11.

Odinga's complaints of election irregularities have stoked fears of aggrieved supporters taking to the streets in a scenario reminiscent of violence that erupted in the aftermath of the December 2007 election.

Provisional results show President Uhuru Kenyatta with a lead of 1.4 million votes as he vies for a second and final five-year term.

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