IPhone 8 Home & "Function Area" Revealed

The design of the iPhone 8 – amongst other details – was unearthed in the Home Pod code

TWITTER • @STROUGHTONSMITHThe design of the iPhone 8 – amongst other details – was unearthed in the Home Pod code

iPhone 8 Part of the same software dump from Apple may have leaked details on the size of the upcoming iPhone 8's screen.

There are numerous reports that the iPhone 8 might launch as iPhone X since it is an anniversary model.

According to Apple blogger John Gruber, this is not going to happen because the company has been planning giving up on the "S" designation entirely and could instead go for simpler names, like iPhone, iPhone Plus, and iPhone Pro (for the OLED model). Let's not forget the other great devices expected this fall including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, LG V30, and the Nokia 8.

However, what we know about the iPhone 8 suggests we're in for a radically different handset this time around.

The iPhone 8 rumour mill is in full flow, but if you're looking to get a new iPhone in the next few months, or get a new contract, you're probably just thinking "is it worth waiting for the iPhone 8?" The image revealed the glass back and inductive charging.

Sticking with the back side of the device; you can see the different alignment for the dual camera sensors.

Verdict: The iPhone 8 wins.

Someone quickly made a mock-up of what the new iPhone screen could look like in terms of usable space.

A new YouTube video from Danny Winget shows the iPhone 8's Copper Gold, Silver, and Black replica. In a sense, it's better that Apple is taking its time to ideal the handset and remove any problems remaining, but such a big delay means that it has no excuse for not providing a near flawless device.

The size difference when comparing the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S Plus is also very eye-opening. Some people might think it's insane to release the "old-looking" iPhone 7S Plus alongside the futuristic iPhone 8, but as Danny points out in his video, there is likely to be a few people who want the classic navigation options and appearance of the iPhone 7S Plus over the iPhone 8 which is a drastic change from the usual iPhone design. A Business Insider report recently said that the device may not make it to the shelves this year, another report by DigiTimes claims that iPhone 8 production is on schedule and could hit stores in October.

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