Google Play Protect features now available for the Play Store app

Google Play Protect unifies and rebrands Android's security features

Google's mobile app now suggests shortcuts to help you get stuff done

On Thursday, Google had introduced latest search app. Users can now find trappable Google shortcuts enabling quick access to information like cricket scores, weather, nearby restaurants, ATMs, grocery shops and more.

Google has unified and rebranded its Android security tech – meet Google Play Protect.

Quietly hidden within the Play Store changelog for the YouTube Android TV app, Google has confirmed that brand account support is now in the works and will be coming to the app soon.

But Play Protect also watches apps as they run on phones and uses machine learning to detect unexpected behavior – when that occurs, you get a notification and the app gets the boot. Clicking on it will bring you to the new Play Protect settings page. You need to enter a code, you then get a little bit of on-boarding regarding reporting inappropriate video content (this is an app aimed at kids remember), and then you can choose if search is enabled or disabled.

If you want to disable scanning, you can toggle on/off scanning, as well as, sending of unknown apps to Google. "Starting today in English in India, users will experience tappable shortcuts on the Google app for Android, providing users easy access to great tools and the ability to explore deeper within various topics", said the company in an official release. Three versions of the SonicSpy-infected messaging app were discovered in the Google Play Store and have since been removed - Soniac, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat - however, the same apps are still widely available on third-party apps stores along with other SonicSpy-infected apps. Don't worry if yours isn't ready yet as it will be available anytime soon.

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