Chrome's Native Ad Blocker Goes Live for Mobile

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Chrome ad-blocker shows up in experimental Android browser

A new Canary build of Chrome on Android shows how Google's native ad blocker will work.

Earlier this year, Google was rumored to be working on a built-in ad blocker for its Chrome browser. The WSJ believed the blocker would be turned on by default, but that isn't the case in this instance - it's switched off and is activated via a toggle in the preferences.

Talking about the company's plans to move ahead in the ad-blocking domain, a Google spokesperson told Engadget that the ad-blocker was "part of our general approach of running experiments to test possible features that could provide users with the best experience on Chrome". They have also revealed that the native ad-blocker would be ready by 2018.

The ad blocker setting is accessible in Chrome's Site settings page under a new Ads section that states, "Blocked from some sites". What it does is "block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads".

This would ensure that user gets rid of the annoying ads without blocking the entire ads including those from Google.

Publishers can also take advantage of another Google-made tool which allows them to review the ads that appear on their websites and change to fit under the guidelines of the standard.

You can download Canary from Google Play and run it alongside the regular Chrome build. So seeing an ad-blocker there is good news for Chrome users who hate those intrusive ads. Google's AdSense business will certainly be affected by the ad-blocker as it could potentially block ads provided by Google on sites that could be abusing the ads that result in an intrusive experience.

To be clear, this ad-blocker will not remove all ads from your browsing, as it will probably deplete Google's advertisers if it did so.

Google announced back in June that they planned to have Chrome stop showing ads on websites that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

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