Tell little girls they can run the world, says Facebook chief

In Option B Sandberg describes how trauma can lead to a loss of confidence and self-belief

In Option B Sandberg describes how trauma can lead to a loss of confidence and self-belief

Speaking to Desert Island Discs, Sandberg was quoted as saying that encryption features like those found in WhatsApp, are there for a reason, and that removing them would effectively be playing into the hands of terrorists and helping them.

Ms Sandberg said: "What I really believe is that we start telling girls at very young ages not to lead, and we start telling little boys to lead, and that's a mistake".

"I offer people time off, I say can we take that project off you, but when they want to be at work, let them", Sandberg said.

During the interview, she also called for public and corporate policy changes to start paying women well. While the highest paid male BBC star earns over £2m ($2.6m) annually, the highest-paid female star earned between £450,000-500,000 a year.

The first of the songs she chose was Beyoncé's Run The World (Girls).

Discussing a recent meeting with British interior minister Amber Rudd, the executive said Facebook and the United Kingdom government are "very aligned in our goals".

Her comments appeared to reflect Sir Philip Hampton, from GlaxoSmithKline (LON:GSK), who has been given the role to work to remove barriers preventing women from rising to senior business posts.

Following the Westminster terror attack in March, Rudd said law enforcement and intelligence agencies should be given access to encrypted platforms such as WhatsApp.

"I didn't know anyone could cry this much", she said.

"We know that when we don't ask, we don't get". And so as technology evolves these are complicated conversations.

Sandberg added that Facebook is working alongside other companies to develop flagging technology for uploaded content, so that "if a video is uploaded to any of our platforms we are able to fingerprint it for all the others, so they can't move from platform to platform".

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