NBA Report: Carmelo Anthony, Thunder Have Mutual Interest

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Would Waive Trade Kicker To Join Rockets

Report: Carmelo Anthony Willing to Waive $8 Million Trade Kicker for Rockets

This has reportedly held up a deal between the two sides, but now that Anthony is willing to waive the kicker, talks may soon reignite.

The acquisition of Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks would provide an isolation game, both at the low post and spot-up shooting, that would benefit the team greatly, as reported by Albertie.

The Knicks are recently going through a major reorganization.

Weaver was an assistant coach at Syracuse during Anthony's one season at Syracuse in 2003.

"We're committed to rebuilding a team & building a team around the young core of players that we have", Mills said at a press conference to introduce Scott Perry as the new Knicks' general manager last week.

However, the team president did not specify when they meant to continue the negotiations with the Rockets. Since Knicks will not consider a buyout, his only chance to get away from the team that has been vocally trying to give him away for months now is through a trade agreement. The Knicks could try to work a trade with other teams besides the Rockets (say, the Blazers), but because Phil Jackson was a bad GM, Anthony has a no-trade clause and he has thus far been unwilling to waive it for teams other than the Rockets or Cavaliers.

Carmelo Anthony apparently wants to become a Houston Rocket so badly that he'd pass on $8 million. We've been obviously in contact with other teams. "So it may be with Carmelo or it may be without Carmelo".

Anthony's desire to play for the Rockets is due in large part to the presence of two All-NBA mainstays: James Harden and Chris Paul.

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