Vote Delayed as Republicans Struggle to Rally Support for Health Care Bill

The changes to the GOP health care bill

The Republican healthcare bill is likely to receive a devastating assessment from the CBO

So, for several weeks, we've been pushing CHQ readers to support the "Consumer Freedom Option" proposed by Senator Cruz and Senator Mike Lee. It still cuts taxes for the wealthy.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) talks with reporters after leaving a meeting of Republican senators where a new version of their healthcare bill was scheduled to be released at the U.S. Capitol on July 13, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

"After all of these years of suffering thru Obamacare, Republican Senators must come through as they have promised", Trump, who made gutting Obamacare one of his central campaign promises last year, wrote on Twitter from Paris, where he attended Bastille Day celebrations. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan called off a vote in March in the face of a rebellion involving the disparate factions of the party but managed to coax enough lawmakers to back it and engineered narrow approval on May 4. "And so my effort is to achieve the best outcome possible as measured by lowering premiums to make health insurance more affordable", Cruz concluded with undeniable logic. Rand Paul (R-KY) thinks the BCRA is too Obamacare familiar, retaining numerous latter bill's taxes and regulations.

Collins said, "There are about eight to 10 Republican senators who have serious concerns about this bill".

Sixty-three percent of the respondents said it is more important for the Trump administration to provide healthcare to low-income people rather than cutting taxes.

"The Republicans don't fix the death spiral of Obamacare, they subsidize it", Paul said.

Ultimately, the answer to repealing Obamacare and restoring a free market in health insurance is to be found in only one place: The Republican primary elections.

"I think the longer the bill's out there, the more conservative Republicans are going to discover that it's not repeal".

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