WhatsApp now testing an In App Youtube playback for Videos

WhatsApp currently testing an In App Youtube playback for Videos

WhatsApp testing in-app YouTube playback in latest beta

WhatsApp updates that are still on cards are live-location sharing, revoke/recall button, edit message feature and YouTube videos.

How many times have you received a YoTtube link and have been annoyed that you have to open it in YouTube app? But that is about to change as WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that will let users play the YouTube videos within the app.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, has been making rapid strides into making the videos a key feature in the app.

This update has a lot of hidden features (that are features not available yet to the public) and one of which is the possibility to view YouTube videos directly in WhatsApp.

One will also be able to hide ongoing video to read the message in the chat box.

WhatsApp currently testing an In App Youtube playback for Videos
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Users are however not able to continue playback when entering other apps. We have found it to be available for iPhone Beta testers and the feature is expected to be released for users with iPhone 6 and above since the videos would require a larger screen for playback. The report also says that the feature is now only available for Apple iPhone 6 or its higher variants.

There's no news about this feature for Android and Windows Phone users.

You can pinch on the Picture in Picture mode in order to expand it, or you can open the video in a new WhatsApp section to view it in full screen mode. However, with the new app, this is all going to change.

The WhatsApp version 2.17.40 also receives Albums which allows user to select multiple photos at once.

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