Users Outrage Over Ads on HTC 10 Keyboard App

HTC grovels after serving up keyboard ads to some users

HTC apologises after ads appearing on the default keyboard

Microsoft has been criticized for putting ads in Windows 10 before, but the company's ads in Windows 10 aren't as aggressive as the ones shown on HTC's default keyboard. As if it weren't bad enough to be faced with ads no matter what corner of the Interwebs you go, HTC has decided that you should also see them in nearly all screens of your smartphone.

TouchPal, or "that keyboard that comes pre-installed with some Android phones", has now started pushing ads on its free version. "You already bought the phone, they shouldn't be serving you ads".

That said, HTC is not without fault here.

Both companies are to be blamed in this case. The consensus, obviously, is that this is not an OK place for ads to be appearing.

As if implying that they're totally fine with the Touchpal update, HTC's "fix" is to tell users to just uninstall the latest update the to keyboard. However, one thing that does not stand true for HTC is supremacy in software. It also means that HTC could be in the process of removing the ads for good. Tap on that and accept the warnings.

Over on Reddit, one user moaned: "I'd prefer my privacy-critical pieces of software (keyboard is one of those) to be open source so that I don't have to put blind faith in an un-auditable black box created to make money off of my usage of it". It is, however, still a awful first experience for users who really just want to be able to type in peace, without being bothered by ads.

Over the weekend, posts showing ads on HTC's keyboard app circulated like wildfire on social media, and many users joined the commotion to report seeing similar ads on their HTC-made phones. But in its HTC-specific iteration, it has plummeted to under 3 stars after a mystery server error caused the recent invasion of unwanted ads on high-end devices, mainly the 10. Unfortunately this is something that some HTC users are discovering. This is absolutely not the experience we intended, and we're working to immediately fix the error and remove the ads as quickly as possible."-Jeff Gordon, HTC Global PR". Hopefully this is the first and last time such an unintentional misstep happens.

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