Trump can't shake Don Jr. scandal in Paris with Macron

Legal issues of Trump Jr.'s Russia meeting

Trump Address Donald Jr. in Paris: 'Most People Would Have Taken That Meeting'

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, thinks he may have convinced his American counterpart, Donald Trump, not to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Thus there was a lot of attention being paid in advance of Trump's latest visit to France, wherein French president Emmanuel Macron looked to heal some of the recent wounds between our countries.

President Donald Trump offered a staunch defense of his eldest son Thursday, saying Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer was a standard session that any political operative would have taken.

After the Trumps and Macrons finished their visit of museums at Les Invalides, a Facebook video posted by the French government caught Trump telling Brigitte that she's "in such good shape" and "beautiful", according to the New York Times.

"I wonder if she could say the same of him?".

During his first visit to Paris as president, Trump focused on the civil war in Syria and the broader coalition fight against the Islamic State in meetings with Macron and usa military officials.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The friendship between our two nations and ourselves, I might add is unbreakable. Paris offered him the glamour he loves, and which is unavailable to him back home, where his fans wear Make America Great Again hats rather than the haute couture of his French hosts.

BEARDSLEY: History professor Kaspi says given that German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not have a close relationship with Trump and that British Prime Minister Theresa May is politically weakened, Macron now has a special role in U.S. President Trump sat next to President Macron in the grandstand as troops, tanks and artillery paraded past them. Apparently, people are now more aware of Trump's alpha-male approach during handshakes.

He has expressed his willingness to consider a "better deal". Trump said, referring to two Americans executed in 1953 after being convicted of spying for the Soviet Union.

Trump has said the climate deal was unfair to USA business. "I was a little surprised to hear that", he said.

In Paris, Trump could also face questions about global security and his strategy against ISIS, both of which he was planning to discuss with Macron.

De Villiers still has Macron's "full trust", the president told JDD, provided the top general "knows the chain of command and how it works".

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