Speeding SUV Launches onto Roof in St. Louis

A car was going so fast it took off when the driver lost control and flew into a Missouri house

Car Launches into Roof of St. Louis Home

A driver is in critical condition in the hospital after firefighters in St. Louis say he launched his auto off a hill before landing and crashing into the roof of a home.

The vehicle landed on a one-story house in the city's northwest side in the 5900 block of Lillian Avenue at around 12:40 p.m.

Authorities say the speeding SUV had hit an embankment and launched into the air, like something out of a Hollywood movie, before crashing down on Redding's roof in the 5900 block of Lillian Avenue.

According to the St Louis Fire Department, the sole occupant of the vehicle is recovering in hospital, where their condition is described as "critical".

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The unidentified driver of the SUV was rescued once firefighters deemed the roof tenable enough to attempt an extrication.

'I can see straight through my house, ' said Redding. "This is everything that I've worked for all my life, and for someone to run through a stop sign and destroy it".

Although Redding was was able to maneuver himself around in the living room after the crash the house may not be habitable again.

Neighbors along Lillian said, despite their frustration, they're thankful that no one was inside the house during the crash. He said the home was insured. I had another vehicle smash into the side of the house, park right in between our houses, ' he added.

'I'll just gather my thoughts.

The incident is under investigation.

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