Mom hilariously recreates Beyoncé's viral photo with newborn twins

Kellaway who gave birth to a boy and a girl earlier this year couldn't help but parody Beyonce's

Flawless! Irish mother of twins hilariously replicates Beyonce's baby reveal photo wearing Converse and wrapped in a

To mark the celebration of her twins turning one month old, #Beyonce has shared the first photo of both on the Instagram.

A Cork mum is enjoying life as a viral sensation after recreating Beyoncé's baby photo shoot with her own twins. Sharon, her husband Peter and three older children Darragh, Hollie and Megan watched the picture appear on news sites around the world as the night wore on: "There wasn't a child in the house washed!"

She said of how amusing she found the "Single Ladies" singer's original photo; "I just wanted to take the mickey as she looked so unrealistic". Ms Kellawa's six-year-old daughter, Megan clicked incredible pictures of her mum. "My 6 year old took the qualifications and still did a mighty job", she says in another post on Facebook.

But Cork mammy Sharon drafted in her six-year-old daughter Megan for a photoshoot of her own. "I pulled it from the dress-up box".

The Beyonce lookalike shared her pictures on Facebook, where they have been liked and shared by thousands of new fans.

"I had a few spare minutes yesterday when I saw Beyoncé photo online", Sharon Kellaway told The Mirror. "But it went mad straight away, I had people asking me to make the post public so they could share it", said Sharon.

The recent photo is an acclamation to her pregnancy declaration photograph.With this, also comes the confirmation from the United States singer on naming the twins, Sir #Carter and Rumi. While Donna-Marie told Sharon that she's giving Beyonce a run for her money and Eimear Hutchinson commented saying, "Sharon that is the funniest thing I have seen!"

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