Jordanian Soldier Convicted of Killing 3 US Troops

Jordanian judges preside over the trial on Monday of Marik al-Tuwayha charged with the murder of three American military trainers. The military court in Amman found Tuwayha guilty of shooting the trainers as they waited to enter the King Faisal base

Life Sentence for Jordan Soldier In Killing of US Troops

A military court judge in Amman on Monday sentenced a Jordanian soldier who shot dead three US trainers to life in prison, state-run media said.

Jordanian authorities at first said the US trainers had been shot dead by the soldier when their auto failed to stop at the gate of the base. The United States, as it does with many allies throughout the world, including in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, provides training to Jordanian security agencies.

Washington rejected that account and said it could not rule out a political motive for the killings, which occurred in November.

He faced three charges, including the premeditated murder.

A Jordanian soldier is sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor after being found guilty of killing three US service men past year.

The US soldiers' family members were in court to hear the verdict on Monday.

Jordan is a member of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group (IS) in Syria and Iraq, and USA forces have trained a small group of Syrian rebels in Jordan, as well as Iraqi and Palestinian security forces. Several militant attacks in the past year have jolted the Arab kingdom, which largely escaped the violence that has swept parts of the Middle East since 2011.

"We are reassured to see the perpetrator brought to justice", Eric Barbee, the spokesman of the USA embassy in Amman said in a statement sent to Reuters.

But the U.S. embassy said the trial had confirmed Staff Sgt Matthew Lewellen, Staff Sgt Kevin McEnroe and Staff Sgt James Moriarty "had been following procedure" when they were killed, according to the Associated Press news agency.

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