Jedah comes to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Jedah From Darkstalkers Joins the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Adds Darkstalkers' Jedah to Roster

At the Evo fighting game tournament this weekend Capcom hosted an exhibition match for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - and during it we got our first look at gameplay for both Jedah and Gamora.

Jedah is new to the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and joins a roster that now stands at 25 - 13 for Marvel and 12 for Capcom. He isn't the first Darkstalkers character to be in a MvC game, however, as Morrigan, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, and a few others have previously made the cut.

The Guardians of the Galaxy hero uses a combination of pistols at long range and a sword in short range.

Jedah appears to be a lot more nimble than his previous Darkstalkers counterpart, with moves that can be chained together, including swipes from his arms, wings and a mighty scythe-like weapon when it comes to hurting someone. That leaked list is looking more and more legit as new characters from it are being confirmed.

The bolstering roster of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has seen another inclusion that will be available for the masses when it releases later this year.

And with that, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's tenure at Evo has come to a close.

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