IDF soldier who shot wounded terrorist sent to house arrest

Attorney Sheftel

IDF Soldier Elor Azaria Ends Mandatory Service, Released to House Arrest

He will be required to remain at his parents' home in Ramle in central Israel and can attend Shabbat services in a synagogue on Friday night and Saturday if he is accompanied by a family member.

Azaria, who was convicted in January and sentenced in February, has been confined to the closed Nachshonim military base since being arrested in March 2016. He appealed his sentence through his attorney Yoram Sheftel, who claimed that other soldiers who operated in a similar manner didn't receive a similar punishment.

A military court ruled on Monday that Azaria will go from the army base to house arrest. However, he is expected to be discharged from the IDF on Thursday as his three years of mandatory service come to an end, necessitating that new arrangements be made for the remaining time until the appeals are settled. Next to him stands Charlie Azaria, Elor's father. The military said today he would be placed under house arrest later this week.

The court accepted Weissman's arguments.

The judges also heard the prosecution's appeal that the 18-month prison sentence was too light.

Azaria, who is now under "open arrest" in a military base, is supposed to be discharged from the military this week. Weissman initially refused, but eventually acquiesced. Azaria will not be able to leave the home at any other time.

The appeal hearings have at times been acrimonious, with the two sides trading barbs and, at times, raising their voices, but sources said the June meeting was to the point and professional, despite being ultimately unhelpful.

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