Here are some of the new emoji coming to iOS 11

Toady is World Emoji Day and Apple's Celebrating it in iTunes, Are You?

Apple shows off some of the new emoji coming to iOS and macOS later this year

As the world marks World Emoji Day, Apple has revealed its newest ones that focus on the weird and wonderful.

Apple is celebrating World Emoji Day with a set of emoji filled movie banners in the iTunes Store. Several fun new characters are on the way, including a genie, a tyrannosaurus rex, zombies, a woman breastfeeding, an elf and more.

Apple also notes the continued expansion of differing skin tones, stating that 'the new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity'. Tim Cook took to Twitter to announce the new addition on World Emoji Day. Remember, it's always left up to manufacturers to create and release designs for Unicode emoji. Now, Apple still hasn't said when these new emoji will be available, but they'll likely be part of the iOS 11 and the MacOS High Sierra updates due to release this autumn.

Not everyone was happy with the announcement however as many ginger-haired people continue to call for the introduction of an emoji for them.

Some new standard face emojis are also getting added including one showing someone's head exploding and another that has stars in its eyes.

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