Google Maps update adds traffic predictions

Google Maps now shows you the best time to leave

Google Maps has started showing a travel time graph for directions

It appears to be Android only for now, but Google often rolls out new features to Android first, so don't be surprised if it pops up in the iOS app in the future.

Google Maps is one of those products that just seems to continually get new features, and typically it just gets better and better.

The color of the bar will appear, green, yellow and red according to traffic flow.

Pretty neat, especially when the difference in bar heights in the chart is significant, indicating you will travel much faster within the time slot that Google has chosen for you.

In certain areas, the dependence on Google maps is unparalleled, with satellite views, parking spots and live traffic updates. The infographic will show the duration of your trip depending on the time of the day.

First spotted by Android Police, this new Maps feature is something that nearly everyone can find value in. The graph also predicts traffic for up to two hours ahead. While we would have loved to have additional information on the graph, but for now, whatever it shows is enough for helping out with the travel plans.

With new updates every now and then, Google Maps serves in the most advanced way possible. It recently introduced a nifty feature that tells users about the speed limits for vehicles in specific areas, but it is only available in two locations for now - San Francisco Bay Area in the United States and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

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