Facebook will start running ads inside "Marketplace", its own version of Craigslist

Facebook To Rollout Adverts In Messenger App

Facebook is set to make a big change to Messenger (and it's annoying)

Facebook wants to incorporate ads in Messenger.

The demand for advertisements from advertisers is more on Facebook and Twitter as the world is highly populated by ad-blocking through browsers. The company has determined that it can't put more ads into users' feeds without harming their experience. But at 2 billion total users, Facebook can't keep that pace forever, especially because 731 million of the world's remaining 1.5 billion internet users who are not on Facebook are in China, where Facebook is blocked.

Facebook angered a lot of people a few years ago when it separated its Messenger app away from its actual Facebook app and this newest addition might get just as much grief. In the list that appears, you should see an entry labelled Explorer Feed -this is what you're looking for, so give it a tap.

Facebook made this known on Friday after announcing that it would start running ads inside Marketplace.

It started selling ads inside Instagram Stories and on the same feature on its other platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook itself.

When you click on the app and you are brought to the home page of Facebook Messenger, ads will be displayed and if the advert is clicked on, it will direct the user to the advertiser's website. However, the big difference, of course, is the fact that you won't be able to buy products directly on Facebook through the ads.

FACEBOOK IS ABOUT to make Messenger app users view adverts in the midst of their chat threads.

Facebook gets about 85 per cent of its ad revenue from mobile, but advertising through the main Facebook app is expected to cool off this year, meaning that multiple revenue streams from separate platforms are becoming more important.

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