Dumbo live-action remake flying towards 2019

Production starts for live-action reimagining of Disney's Dumbo!

'Dumbo': First Image Revealed as Cast and Release Date Are Confirmed

It's been over two years since news broke of Tim Burton's live-action version of 1941 animated classic film, Dumbo.

This official Dumbo set photo shows Burton aboard the Casey Jr. - the famous train that transports the residents of the circus to which Dumbo and his family belongs, in the original 1941 animated film.

Dumbo continues Disney's latest trend of bringing live-action versions of its beloved properties to life, with The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast being the most recent additions to an ever-growing catalog.

Walt Disney's classic animated tale Dumbo, which opened October 23, 1941, won an Oscar for best scoring of a musical picture and was nominated for best original song for "Baby Mine". The film's cast, characters, and release date were confirmed during today's D23 panel, along with the first image; you can find all of that information below.

The cast also includes Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins, Roshan Seth, DeObia Oparei, Sharon Rooney and Douglas Reith. The Penny Dreadful star recently collaborated with Burton on Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

The film features Colin Farrell as Holt Farrier, a former circus star and war-veteran charged with the care of a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock of an already struggling circus. Dumbo flies into theaters March 29, 2019.

Danny DeVito will play the circus' owner Max Medici, while Michael Keaton is V.A. Vandevere, the enigmatic entrepreneur who swoops in on the promise he'll make Dumbo a star, alongside aerial artist Colette Marchant, played by Eva Green.

Will Smith had been considering the lead role as Dumbo, but instead, he will play the Genie in Disney's live-action version of Aladdin (another detail that was confirmed at D23).

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