DHS Approves 15000 Additional Temporary Worker Visas

Department of Homeland Security office

Department of Homeland Security office

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said this is aimed mainly at better tracking visa overstays and also at tightening security. Though DHS officials said they had no information on whether Trump companies would apply for any of the extra H2Bs, his properties have in the past hired foreign workers that way.

Many seasonal businesses and members of Congress have pleaded with Kelly to issue the visas, citing an urgent need for workers.

On Monday the Department of Homeland Security said it would allow another 15,000 workers this fiscal year, but only for businesses "likely to suffer irreparable harm" without them. The businesses are also required to have documents that would prove their need, though they do not have to submit them along with their petition to receive the additional visas.

The extra visas are in addition to 66,000 temporary worker visas available annually.

The increase is only for workers who will start their temporary employment before September 30 and businesses submitting petitions will be considered in the order they apply.

Holiday vacation destinations around the United States - including President Donald TrumpĀ“s own Mar-a-Lago country club in Palm Beach, Florida - depend on tens of thousands of temporary workers in the summer and winter, many of them young people from eastern Europe and Asia.

A notice about the extra H-2B visas will be posted later this week in the Federal Register. "They were part-time jobs". "This does help with American businesses continuing to prosper".

"This is yet another example of the administration and Congress failing to keep the Trump campaign promise of putting American workers first", he said.

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