Boy trapped inside hot BMW for 2 hours in Florida dies

A one-year-old boy died Saturday after he was trapped for two hours inside a BMW that was parked outside his family's home in Florida. Police in Delray Beach identified the boy on Sunday as Khayden Saint Saveur

Breaking: 1-year-old boy found in hot car dies at Bethesda Hospital

A ONE-year-old boy died after becoming trapped inside a BMW for two hours while it was parked outside his family home in searing heat.

Police on Sunday identified the Delray Beach child found dead in a hot vehicle as Khayden Saint Saveur. First responders took the boy to Bethesda Hospital. Delray Beach police said Khayden was playing with other children and may have been trapped in the vehicle for hours before the family found him.

Investigators said the car's doors were unlocked. "I don't know why this happened". When officers arrived, they immediately began CPR, but upon arrival at Bethesda Memorial Hospital, the toddler was pronounced dead.

"Was a very happy child", a neighbor said. 'I'm scared for him'. Temperatures in Delray Beach reached 90 degrees on Saturday.

Police said that one adult was home at the time Khayden is believed to have wandered outside to the driveway and opened the auto door on his own. Police are conducting an investigation.

Police say the vehicle doors were unlocked.

The toddler, who would have turned 2 on August 24., had been playing with other young family members and may have been in the auto for two hours before his family realized he was missing, Moschella said. Several cars were seen lining the street as groups of people stood outside.

"He was always a jumpy little boy", he said. He described the child as being full of energy and said his parents treated the toddler well.

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