As Protests Hit Indu Sarkar, Director Has A Question For Rahul Gandhi

Indu Sarkar’ Congress workers create ruckus at press conference

SHOCKING: Indu Sarkar Pune event cancelled after political workers create huge ruckus outside Madhur Bhandarkar's

Mumbai: The impending film "Indu Sarkar" has been the speak of the town since the time its trailer bought released and now, following the Congress' the latest protest from it, Bappi Lahiri has arrive out in aid of director Madhur Bhandarkar.

Hours after Bhandarkar's jibe against Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leadership struck back, accusing him of resorting to cheap tactics for publicity.

However, after they came to know that the filmmaker was not going to come to the spot, they went to the hotel where Bhandarkar was staying. "Can I have my Freedom of Expression".

On Saturday, the press conference of Bhandarkar's impending directorial was cancelled following couple Congress staff took to protest from the motion picture.Thereafter, Bhandarkar took to twitter to share the information, citing the staff of the motion picture was left stranded "like hostages in the resort home".

Nagpur Congress chief Vikas Thakre, said, "We wanted to meet Bhandarkar and know as to why he was not showing the movie to the concerned Congress leaders". A legal notice was sent to him by a woman who claims to be Sanjay Gandhi's daughter, however, Bhandarkar said a formal reply has been sent to her. "What is he hiding?"

"I have already said that the Censor board asked for some cuts in the movie".

Speaking to HT, Bhandkar said he made reality cinema where everything was well researched.

"I think we desperately need some changes (in the censor board rules)".

Bhandarkar has already clarified the accusations of maligning image of Indira Gandhi and other Congress leaders of the past by stating that he would've made documentary in that case and not a film. The filmmaker expressed his anger on the issue saying, "baffling to see self-proclaimed custodians of freedom of expression creating huge ruckus". We had to cancel the event.

"After a Pink', I wanted to do something with which people will get surprised again so, Indu Sarkar seemed as the ideal fit as it has Emergency as its backdrop".

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