An iconic stage and classic costumes are coming to Street Fighter V

Final Fight Abigail Coming To Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter V To Add Abigail As Season 2's New DLC Fighter On July 25

Capcom France has shared an image on Twitter of what appears to be the next stage to be added in the game. A new character is on its way to 'SF5.' Taking the center stage at the Evo 2017, the game developer announced the arrival of Abigail in the sixth installment of its hit "Street Fighter" series.

Meanwhile, alongside the release of Abigail is a brand new stage set in Metro City from Final Fight. Abigail is from the Final Fight series, and as you can tell from the trailer, he's a big bruiser. Event Hubs also mentioned a character page on the official CFN website with a browser tab that reads "ABIGAIL|CHARACTER DATA".

Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 are both getting DLC characters from old beat-'em-ups. It's called Metro City Bay Area, and shows Abigail's Scrap Metal yard in the background.

Unleash fighting fireballs like it was 1991 on Ryu's classic temple roof stage (Capcom hasn't revealed the price of the level yet), then kit out Alex, Ibuki and Juri in vintage clobber inspired by Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III (each costume costs £3.49). In addition to several command throws, Abigail has an armored running attack that helps him cover distance easily. His addition will be good news to players who like to use brute force and do not want to worry about finesse when it comes to fighting.

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