Amazon surveys customers about 'Anytime' messaging service

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We've reached out to Amazon for their comment, and will update if we hear back from them.

If successful, there's also plenty of advertising opportunity there, as Facebook has found with its Messenger service.

As it continues to expand its own ecosystem, Amazon may have a new messaging app on the horizon.

As per a report by aftvnews Amazon is working on a standalone messaging app Anytime and now surveying customers about a new messaging service to gauge which features are most important to users. Other services like playing games, sending photos with filters, food ordering, shopping, and interaction with business are also available with this app.

Free "high-quality" voice and video calls. The app will offer a seamless chatting experience to make voice calls, video calls and chats. It reads "Keep chats private and encrypt important messages".

One of the big positives is that it doesn't rely on users knowing each other's phone numbers, like with Whatsapp and others.

While Anytime hasn't been confirmed by Amazon, signs seem to point to the app being the real deal.

For all its promise, Amazon could struggle convincing users to use another messaging app on top of leading messaging platforms already hugely popular today.

Tech Crunch reported news of the new app, citing a survey which included screenshots purporting to show the name and features included in the service.

As AFTV News reports, Amazon will make Anytime as an "all-in-one feature rich service that could even rival social networks". Amazon has spent some time carrying out multiple surveys from customers to find out what more the company can bring.

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