Nokia 8 Specifications, Release Date and Price

Nokia 6 enthusiasts can register on Amazon India for the sale of device that will begin on August 23.

Nokia 6 open for registrations; will go on sale on August 23

After launching the mid-range Nokia 6 and the budget Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3 series smartphones, HMD Global Oy, is set to launch the flagship Nokia 8 and if the latest reports are to be believed, it is slated to break covers this month-end. While both the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 was said to include the dual-lens camera setup, the Nokia 8 would be featuring a fingerprint scanner on the front side of the device and the Nokia 9 with a rear facing fingerprint sensor along with the camera lens.

Whether HMD Global plans to release the Nokia 9 as a separate flagship or that it is a canceled device is yet to be known. Just wait for a few more days and we will get to see the new Nokia 8 smartphone live in hands! However, it turns out that it is now Nokia 8 instead. As of now it is also possible that the company might launch the phone in a 6/8GB RAM variant with more storage, but it is not clear. Not too long ago, there were several leaks about Nokia working on two different flagship devices: the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. The source also hints that the Nokia 8 will be priced at 589 Euros (AED 2480). A Scandinavian retailer has allegedly claimed that the phone will go on sale on July 31, and with a price tag of approx Rs 43,415.

WinFuture remains unsure about the previously speculated specifications of the Nokia 8 as they do not match up with the information they have received lately. The article further reveals that the smartphone will sport a 5.3-inch WQHD display with 2560x1440 resolution and have 64GB storage capacity.

At this point, Nokia 8 remains a mysterious smartphone.

The first three Nokia phones? Reports indicated that the company planned on adding new high-end smartphones in 2017 to its line-up, directly in competition with Apple's iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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