A well loved Game of Thrones character is returning to the show

Game of Thrones

HBOSophie Turner and John Bradley also teased the upcoming seventh season

Almost all Game of Thrones fans agree that Cersei Lannister will be killed before the HBO hit airs its final episode. That makes the character even more interesting to look at.

Before then, however, we need to remember where the story left off.

The fact that Dempsie was at the premiere event doesn't necessarily mean, by itself, that Gendry is returning for season 7.

PHOTO:Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in a scene from Season 6 of "Game of Thrones".

The Three-Eyed Raven transfers his many years of accumulated knowledge into Bran, sending both into a trance.

Dialing in from the United Kingdom, the 18-year-old Brit shared some knowledge of his own about Bran's Season 7 fate and why Hodor's sacrifice is-he swears it-not in vain.

It's easy to see how the internal struggle within Beric reflects the politics of Westeros as a whole-there is fire within him where we're used to seeing ice, hinting at the arrival of Daenerys and her dragons to the frozen North. Dondarrion also serves as a warning to Jon Snow, who's similarly escaped death once, and who has to pay a price for it-a price that may well involve fire, if he's not able to forge an alliance with Daenerys upon her arrival in Westeros. Then, he was standing against the wall in the Great Hall in Winterfell, in the shadows.

While journeying south, Bran experiences another vision of his father at the Tower of Joy.

Last season Euron killed his brother Balon and took his place on the Salt Throne of the Iron Islands following a King's Moot against Yara, which she lost. Jon Snow. Jaime Lannister. This includes Jon Snow, who's listed in two Season 7 episodes out of the first three. She performs the ceremony and it works - Jon Snow breathes again.

To keep you in the game for another day, Haven Spa in SoHo is introducing the Mother of Dragons Pedicure. Afterwards, he hands over leadership of the Night's Watch to Dolorous Edd, visibly disturbed by what he's just had to do and still haunted by the memory of his own murder. If only she were a bit more humble and less apt to rely on sex appeal and glamour to bolster her image, she might have a good choice of ruling us all from Raisina Hill (because of course Cersei needs the most impressive building for herself; she'll boot the President out pronto). She infuriates him, she speaks up at times when it's more helpful for him for her to not speak up.

Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) is seen back at Winterfell, presumably to give support to Jon as he rallies up the North to fight the White Walker. Speaking with THR this week, they laid out some of their favorite pitches for where Thrones can go next - some more serious than others.

Just when the battle is at its bleakest, the Knights of the Vale (the army belonging to Sansa's cousin and Catelyn Stark's nephew, Robin Arryn) arrive, immediately turning the battle in the Starks' favor.

Sansa, who I think should be queen of everything, has the wronged woman thing going for her, which comes with bucketloads of sympathy. Ser Davos accuses Melisandre of killing Shireen and, as punishment, Jon banishes the red priestess.

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