Overwatch's Public Test Realm Gets New Update; Changes to Zayra And More

Overwatch's New PTR Update Has A Big Zarya Change

Overwatch Update Brings New Doomfist Skins

"Overwatch" was released over a year ago to high anticipation and plenty of expectations. McCree's Flashbang now has the ability to slow down opponents while the Talon council member - Reaper only received minor fixes on his voice overs and sound effects.

The new update was deployed on the game's public test servers this week, bringing a range of new hero buff and nerfs.

It's important to note that these changes are now in testing on the PTR and may not necessarily be transferred over to the proper game. This makes them less likely to slide away around a corner or something similar once they are stunned. Another tank - Reinhardt for instance, now has a 10 percent increase in his Swing speed alongside an enhanced responsiveness on his Hammer. These two things will make it easier for players to swing and make contact with their enemies.

We also got a peek at one of Doomfist's new sprays, which fits perfectly with Zarya's arm wrestling spray.

The most notable change comes to Zayra's special ability Graviton Surge, which used to simply draw players close to a black hole.

There are three more "Overwatch" characters affected by this latest PTR patch. Now characters like Tracer will no longer be able to teleport out of the gravitational pull.

Fans of the newly-released Doomfist will be saddened by the news that the hero's Rocket Punch has seen its total travel distance has been reduced by about 20% since he first went live. Then there is the change to the Seismic Slam, where there is a new UI indicator to show how much damage it will deal and how much it actually does deal. As such, they might not be transferred in whole to the "Overwatch" itself. Since they're experimental, the changes could be tweaked or even removed completely.

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