ARMS update will let you play as the game's toughest enemy

Arms update will include new Hedlok versus mode, balance changes and more

ARMS Update 2.0 Will Add Hedlok Mode, Balance Tweaks Also Confirmed, Releasing On July 12

Alongside the headline addition of Max Brass and his glorious Sky Arena stage (replete with that troublesome perimeter ditch, waiting to ensnare the careless), 2.0 brings three new arms - the Nade, Roaster, and Kablammer - and a new VS match mode known as Headlok Scramble. The introduction of Max Brass as a playable character is one of the significant change/addition of ARMS 2.0 update.

With today's Arms update Nintendo has introduced some new gameplay tweaks to its unique fighting brawler, and it's not just the new DLC character Max Brass who's drawing attention, but also the new Hedlok mask, transforming players into the game's challenging boss.

Specifically, the new mode will be "Hedlok Mode", which will allow one player to take control of Hedlok - the game's ultimate villain in the Grand Prix mode - while the other players work together to try to take him down as quickly (and efficiently) as possible.

Speaking with Eurogamer, ARMS' producer Kosuke Yabuki revealed that a new mode will also be added as part of the update. The Hedlok Mode will not only be available in Versus Mode, but throughout the game's other multiplayer modes and online. As you can imagine, this gives them a bit of an advantage for the rest of the fight. That's something we're aware of, and with this update the balance adjustments are done in a way not to make any character less good than they are at the moment. Though Yabuki did not go into detail as to what these changes will be, he did mention that using the same techniques "over and over again" to win matches is something the developers have wanted to fix.

A full list of patch notes will be available once the update is live.

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