Website suspended for leaking Jio users details, Reliance denies breaching

Asus joins hands with Reliance Jio, offering 100 GB of additional 4G data to smartphone users

[Updated] Jio Subscribers Data Leaked; Available to access online

The information which was available on the website included customers' names, their registered phone numbers, details of the circle the numbers was registered in and when the phone numbers were activated.

It needs to be pointed out that some of the personal details the aforementioned website is showing in its results is public data any any mobile recharge service should be able to gather, if the Jio number was recharged via a third-party website.

Several users had complained on Twitter that personal information of millions of Jio users was publicly available on Magicapk. However, Reliance has denied any such leakage of users' data on any website. Few people have shared a link on social media that allows users to search Jio SIM details.

"Jio Customer Database of over 120 million users leaked, could be biggest data breach in India", 3 out of 5 based on 123 ratings. We want to assure our subscribers that their data is safe and maintained with the highest security.

Jio Infocomm, the most recent entrant into the telecom space, said in a statement that it had informed the law enforcement agencies about claims by a website of data breach and would follow up with "strict action".

Though is now inaccessible, it doesn't necessarily mean the leak never happened, or the leaked data will not surface again.

What is the Reliance Jio data breach? It is not clear if data of all customers was leaked or just a part of it. And this speaks a lot about the lapses in security in Jio's servers. Hence the question about the encryption of the data in transit: what happens to Aadhaar data once it leaves the UIDAI, and into private hands? For the number we tried, Aadhaar numbers was missing from the leaked data.

After Xiaomi announced its 30GB additional Jio 4G LTE data on some of its selected smartphones last week, ASUS has come hot on the heels to provide a similar offer for its customers. Unfortunately, that is all you can do right now. Whether the Aadhaar numbers have been leaked is still to be known. Also, check the screenshot above that shows the data when you search a number. It says that the data seems to be unauthentic.

In order to avoid any misuse of your Aadhaar linked biometric data, there is the option of locking this data.

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