Apple IPhone 8 Will Get Wireless Charging Feature After IOS 11.1 Update

Apple might delay the release of wireless charger for upcoming iPhones: Apple Blogger

Wireless charging technology for 2017 iPhone models is running late; hardware to be sold separately

However, the latest leak claims that this feature is still questionable.

The world is definitely excited to see this new feature arrive, but it may not be as simple as buying an iPhone 8.

Apple might not ship its wireless charger along with upcoming iPhones which are due for a release speculated to be shipped this fall.

Gruber's scoop has caused plenty of consternation among Apple watchers; critics argue that the notion that wireless charging technology must wait for an operating system update-such technology is mostly a hardware-based upgrade-makes little sense.

Rumors that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with wireless charging technology that allows to restore a smartphone battery within an hour and a half, was denied by the correspondent of the portal Firewall Daring John Gruber, noting that Apple do not have time to add it to the device. It could also mean some sort of charging case or dongle for the iPhone's port-while unlikely, an impossibly uncool extra for a 21-century Apple product. Furthermore, the tweet also suggested that the accessory might be late and Apple might be playing the same type of game as it did with the new Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus by waiting until the next release of iOS to actually unlock that option.

While the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus shouldn't bring many changes to the design and the features, the iPhone 8 is rumored to come with some changes. The 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to be officially announced in September. If it comes up with its own proprietary solution then a new accessory will be needed.

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