US, Russia agree on Syrian ceasefire



Officials said the deal had been in the works for weeks or months, but came together in time for the meeting. "They agreed to exchange further work regarding commitments of noninterference in the affairs of the USA and our democratic process as well as other countries".

Lavrov says Trump has accepted Putin's assurances that Moscow hasn't meddled in the US presidential election.

On the AF1, H.R. McMaster made the statement today regarding the United States and Russian Federation de-escalation zone agreement in Syria.

The U.S. and Russian Federation have been backing opposing sides in Syria's war. Photo courtesy of Bundesregierung. There were only 6 people in attendance during the meeting, reportedly against Russian wishes to include more people in the conversation.

"We've had some very, very good talks".

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - The United Nations on Saturday welcomed the agreement struck between the United States and Russian Federation for a cease-fire in southwest Syria, saying it would support upcoming peace talks. "And it's an honor to be with you". "We are starting with fairly modest ambitions", said the official.

"I am delighted to be able to meet you personally, Mr. President", he said, noting that he hoped the meeting would yield results. Such zones are a priority for the United States, and we're encouraged by the progress made to reach this agreement.

He also said that Putin denied any involvement, adding only that their conversation on the subject was "robust and lengthy".

The two leaders agreed this is of substantial hindrance.

Putin tells Donald Trump Russia wasn't involved in the criminal hacking of USA voter databases and Trump's response is to simply accept that and bro hug it out?

In the biggest news of the day, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin huddled with one adviser each and one interpreter each. The U.S. officials weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity. "Nobody really knows. Nobody really knows for sure", Trump said on a visit to Poland on Thursday.

The newly announced deal is separate from the peace talks taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan, between Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Putin's wingman was Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and President Donald Trump.

The cease-fire is set to take effect July 9 at noon Damascus time.

"It is (a) well defined agreement on who will secure this area", he told reporters Friday afternoon. Moscow has staunchly backed Syrian President Bashar Assad, supporting Syrian forces militarily since 2015.

The conflict has killed almost half a million people according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The proposed zone was in Deraa province, on the border with Jordan, and Quneitra, which borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, they said.

Fighting in Syria's southwest has largely been near the city of Daraa after rebels renewed an offensive to seize it from the government.

The army said on Monday it would suspend combat operations in southern Syria, but rebels said the military had violated the ceasefire by striking areas under their control.

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