U.S. and North Korea no closer to war: Mattis

The U.S. military is examining whether North Korea launched a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile, with analysts poring over data to determine whether Pyongyang's claims to have done so are true, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

USA intelligence officials are classifying the ICBM - which reached an altitude of more than 1,741 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan over 500 miles from the launch site - as a new missile that has not been seen before. From what he's been told, Grassley says the rocket is powerful enough to reach the U-S.

The Defense Secretary echoed President Trump's comments when he said "We don't set red lines we deal with reality".

The joint exercise utilized the Eighth U.S. Army's Tactical Missile System and South Korean Hyunmoo II missiles, and the troops fired missiles into waters along South Korea's east coast in a show of force a day after the North's ICBM test. The missile was sacked from a mobile launcher from Panghyon Airport in northwest North Korea, which has not been used in previous missile launches.

Mattis said the missile advances do not force the United States to pursue a military response at this time.

He added that the United States knew of the missile launch as soon as it was sacked. "It clearly had a booster, which was a new development on a previous missile", he said.

Davis condemned the missile launch by North Korea, calling it is escalatory, destabilizing and unlawful.

"We're working with our interagency partners on a more detailed assessment", Cdr. Trump is expected to meet Xi before the G-20 wraps up on Saturday.

In late June, the Treasury Department cut off the Bank of Dandong - which operates 101 outlets in northeastern China and reported assets of 78.3 billion yuan ($11.6 billion) at the end of March - from the worldwide financial system because of its dealings with North Korea. -China relations after the move to sanction the Bank of Dandong.

Mattis said that Trump "maintains military options for the Commander in Chief and works in accordance with our whole government effort".

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