Waterpark Visitors Save a Young Girl Falling from the Skyride

Bystanders on the video could be heard yelling "Her neck is stuck!" before she broke loose and fell. Another person is seated inside the two-person gondola, not in apparent danger of falling.

People and security started to gasp and gather not knowing what to do.

She said the teenager was in good spirits.

They were able to catch her, but Lent says watching it all unfold was hard.

"I said, 'It's OK to let go - I'll catch you, honey".

The girl did let go and fall, hitting a thicket of tree branches on the way down.

A USA teenager has fallen from a stopped gondola ride at an amusement park, tumbling into a crowd gathered below in an effort to catch her. She was first treated by emergency staff at the park, then taken to a local hospital.

Recalling the incident Sunday afternoon, Winchell, 21, said it still breaks her heart to watch the videos, which surfaced online Saturday evening and have since received millions of views.

Howard was treated and released for a back injury.

Lent, who later uploaded video of the incident to his Facebook page, said it was "horrifying" to witness. "It was about a minute and 30 seconds before the cable vehicle came to a stop".

"If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been there", Howard said.

The girl dangling from the ride, and then falling into the arms of people standing below.

The "Sky Ride" was stopped at the park about 55 miles north of Albany when the accident happened, according to CBS News. It is unclear why the girl was hanging.

Her limp body was carried to a nearby Six Flags vehicle.

The State Department of Labor cleared it for operation, but the park is keeping it closed while they do an internal review.

Lent noted that ride didn't have seat belts, only a bar to hold patrons inside. High-speed twists and turns aren't a part of this ride's attraction. "Every situation is unique and requires the appropriate time and tools for the evacuation".

"The safety and security of our guests is our top priority", Wood said. She is a resident of DE, according to various news reports.

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