Officer injured in skirmish at SF's downtown Westfield mall

Riot forces lockdown at San Francisco mall


According to police, a brawl forced the temporary lockdown of San Francisco's downtown Westfield Mall and ended with several people being detained, as well as one being arrested.

Other videos show clashes between police and the public, as officers attempt to detain multiple suspects.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( authorities say much of the downtown Westfield San Francisco Centre was closed Sunday evening after the fight.

Police did not immediately disclose the details of what led to the fight. As officers attempted to stop the fighting, they were attacked and assaulted. According to police, some people resisted arrest and tried to run away.

The brawl started between about two dozen people in the food court and grew from there, police said.

The affray took place after Sunday's Gay Pride Parade, but police said they do not believe the incident involved a hate crime.

A police officer was injured while trying to break up the melee.

The shopping center was expected to resume normal operations and reopen on time Monday morning.

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