Donald Trump Blames Obama For Russian Election Hacks

Report: Hackers Successfully Altered Voter Data in 2016 Election

Donald Trump Blames Obama For Russian Election Hacks

"By the way, if Russian Federation was working so hard on the 2016 Election, it all took place during the Obama Admin".

In a separate Senate hearing on Wednesday morning, officials from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation testified and echoed Mr. Johnson's sentiments that there was no change in vote tallies, despite the Russian attacks, which targeted election systems in 21 states.

Johnson said at a House Intelligence Committee hearing that the extent of Russian hacking into computer files at the Democratic party headquarters in Washington and attempts to infiltrate state election records went significantly beyond past Russian efforts to influence US elections. "Why didn't they stop them?", Trump asked. "It's all a big Dem HOAX!" he wrote.

Trump's frustration on the Russian Federation issue has mounted - and occasionally boiled over on Twitter - as multiple parallel investigations continue both inside and outside of Congress.

In response to Trump's tweets, Adrienne Watson, the deputy communications director for the DNC, said the committee "has and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement on Russia's interference in our election".

While there is an ongoing investigation into ties between members of Donald Trump's presidential campaign team and members of the Russian government, there is no evidence to suggest the stolen voter records were provided to the Trump campaign-though Congressional investigators are investigating that possibility.

"I just fundamentally disagree", he said.

All 17 intelligence agencies have agreed Russian Federation was behind the hack of Democratic email systems and tried to influence the 2016 election to benefit Mr Trump.

Former homeland security secretary Jeh Johnson. "In addition to the threat to the vote we were also very concerned about the public confidence in the integrity of the electoral system", Ferrante said.

When asked what took the Obama administration so long to disclose the allegations of Russian interference, Johnson cited the need to protect intelligence sources and methods.

FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap testified Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russians also pushed false news reports and propaganda online, using amplifiers to spread their message.

Johnson told the panel that the Obama administration was cautious about going public on Russia's involvement, fearing they would appear to be meddling, especially after Trump warned on the campaign trail that the election would be "rigged" for Hillary Clinton.

But though the government disclosed that 21 states were potentially impacted by the targeting, lawmakers were left frustrated that the public still doesn't have a full picture of what exactly the Russians did during the election and that it's not fully clear what the USA will do to protect itself going forward.

Priestap said the hackers successfully copied data from some states "to understand what it consisted of" and to plan future attacks.

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