DeMario Jackson will not be returning to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

'Bachelor' Alum Olivia Caridi Dishes On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal

DeMario Jackson Will Not Return For This Season Of "Bachelor In Paradise"

DeMario was reportedly asked to join the cast, but declined in light of the recent scandal that left him under suspicion of sexual assault until it was recently revealed no misconduct occurred. He was reportedly under the impression that a third party had complained about their sexual activity in the pool, but Olympios had no problem with it.

The host of the Bachelor franchise, 45, posted a photo of the production team while they were setting up the equipment to start filming for the summer reality series. We take all such allegations seriously. Our internal investigation, conducted with the assistance of an outside law firm, has now been completed.

Now that the cloud over Bachelor in Paradise has lifted enough to begin filming again, the producers are taking some pretty extensive precautions to make sure the situation doesn't get out of control again. Out of respect for the privacy interests of those involved, we do not intend to release the videotape of the incident.

A source has since told ET that Jackson will not return to BIP this season.

"Production in this season of Bachelor in Paradise will be resuming, and we plan to implement certain changes to the show's policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants", the statement concluded.

Caridi, star of season 20 of "The Bachelor" and an avid watcher of all sorts of television, is known for her smart, quick-witted mouth in more ways than one. It was not shut down due to any complaint filed by Corinne against anyone.

Warner owned by Time Warner, which is also the parent company of CNN.

Olympios' attorney, Martin Singer, told ET on Tuesday that it was "no surprise" that Warner Bros. concluded that there was no wrongdoing, but noted that a separate investigation, based on new witnesses, would continue.

When two producers and one contestant raised concerns about what happened between Olympios and Jackson during a moment filmed for the show, it may have put an end to the uninhibited vibe of a series that sends a lovely cast of singles to an idyllic location where partying is a priority.

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