Trump expresses condolences for late German chancellor

Germany's longest serving post-war leader left active politics in 2002. Throughout our endeavors, Helmut was a rock - both steady and strong. Working closely with allies like President Ronald Regan, Kohl went from leading West Germany, to having the Berlin Wall torn down, and becoming Chancellor of a once again, reunited Germany.

"He was someone who supported me, was kind and had an ability to see into other people's lives", Juncker said. Regardless of the political issue of the former chancellor, he never forgot that the European project saved this continent after the world wars.

"In such cases, a lot depends on the people taking decisions".

"Italy remembers him as a protagonist of German reunification and of the fall of Europe's Wall".

French President Emmanuel Macron said he was a truly great German and above all a truly great European has died.

After the collapse of the USSR and Gorbachev's departure from the political scene, Kohl formed relations with Gorbachev's heir in the Kremlin - Russia's first president, Boris Yeltsin. He presided over the drawdown of vast numbers of U.S., British, French and Soviet troops that had divided and occupied the country since the conquest of Nazi Germany.

He worked tirelessly for the reunification of West and East Germany, the countries separated in the ashes of World War II.

"He was deeply convinced that Europe was our destiny", Steinmeier said.

Kohl was recognizable because of his abnormally large frame.

The mass-selling newspaper Bild reported that Kohl died on Friday morning in his home in Ludwigshafen, in western Germany. These relationships became invaluable when East Germany began to unexpectedly collapse in 1989: Kohl was able to address concerns of worldwide parties on all sides while also on the domestic intricacies of reunification.

Germany's longest-serving chancellor since World War II lived long enough to see the European unity he championed see hard times after he left office.

He was a proud European and was at the forefront of closer integration through what became the European Union. He embodied German reunification, they said, "even if the course he set led to severe social upheaval in eastern Germany". Only Otto von Bismarck, who first unified Germany in the 1870s, was chancellor longer, for 19 years.

Gerhard Schroeder, Kohl's successor as chancellor, called him a "great patriot and European ..."

"It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of former chancellor Helmut Kohl", she said.

In a statement, Netanyahu praised Kohl's "commitment to Israel's security" during his tenure as chancellor, and expressed appreciation for his "empathy" towards the Jewish state.

Mrs Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, tweeted: "In deep mourning for a great German and a great European".

European Council President Donald Tusk and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg also posted their reactions online.

He says the world has benefited from his vision and efforts.

"The 21st century in Europe really began on his watch", Clinton said in 2011, describing Kohl as "a man who was big in more than physical stature".

"I know Washington was quite surprised by them".

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