Cosby lawyer tells jury comedian and accuser were lovers

Bill Cosby's lawyers rested their case after just a few minutes Monday without calling the comedian to the stand, opting against a high-stakes gamble that could have allowed him to work his charm on the jury but could have also exposed him to blistering cross-examination.

Andrew Wyatt, spokesperson for Bill Cosby gives a reaction as the defense rests on the sixth day of the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial.

In statements to police and in his civil deposition, the comedian known as "America's Dad" admitted he gave Constand pills and then engaged in sexual contact with her. Cosby, who did not testify, has denied all allegations.

According to Constand, she was drugged by Cosby and subsequently sexually assaulted at his Pennsylvania home.

She filed a police complaint in January 2005 after moving back home to the Toronto area, and then sued Cosby in March 2005 when the local prosecutor decided not to charge him.

The deposition seemed to be of keen interest to the jury, which asked to review more than a dozen additional excerpts when they resume deliberations Tuesday morning.

Citing a settlement between Cosby and Kelly Johnson, a former William Morris assistant who accused the comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 1996, Steele said that Cosby has a history of trying to cover up his assaults.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

The defence case consisted of a six-minute appearance by a detective, seemingly created to remind jurors that Andrea Constand had visited with Cosby at an out-of-state casino and that police knew he had vision problems even then.

Cosby told police they had been romantic three times before.

"It requires tremendous concentration and command of the facts, and the ability to synthesize that in real time", Hall said.

Andrea Constand watched from the front row of the packed courtroom gallery on Monday as Cosby's lawyers spent almost two hours seizing on inconsistencies in her story in a final push for acquittal. And he said Andrea Constand made inconsistent statements to police.

Prosecutors say his prior use of Quaaludes shows that Cosby had knowledge of what he was doing when he gave her the pills.

Detective Richard Schaffer told the jury that Constand had paid Cosby a visit at an out-of-state casino on the night of the alleged assault.

Andrea Constand is one of 59 women who have accused Cosby of rape, attempted assault, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

None of the other women's accusations has resulted in prosecution - in many cases, too much time has passed - leaving Ms Constand's case as the only formal test of Mr Cosby's guilt.

Cosby, 79, whose long career was based on a family-friendly comedy style, did not testify.

But District Attorney Kevin Steele said those inconsistencies were minor and little more than a distraction.

In a sworn statement without the jury present, Cosby told Judge Steven O'Neill that he did not plan to testify in his own defense. "This is talking to a lover", he added.Steele responded during his closing argument, which lasted over two hours, saying that Constand had called Cosby only three times after she left her job at Temple."To allege that this is just some relationship that is going to a different level, doesn't make any common sense", Steele replied. He talks in the deposition of "the penile entrance" and "digital penetration", and he told Constand's mother, when she called to confront him, that her daughter had had an orgasm. "We're talking about all the man's tomorrows".

Constand - an athletic, 6-foot-tall college basketball staffer - said they made her dazed and groggy, and unable to say no or fight back when Cosby went inside her trousers.

Cosby testified over a decade ago as part of her lawsuit, eventually settling the case for an undisclosed sum. It is worth noting that Bill Cosby has claimed to be legally blind, and it is entirely possible he simply didn't see his wife enter the courtroom and that the pair were photographed together outside the courthouse.

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