Google Job Search Is Here to Get You Hired!

Google's Powerful Job Search Tool is available

Google Launches New AI-Powered Job Search Feature on Google Search

The basic idea behind the development of this engine is to help users find jobs easily without having to go to multiple job-searching websites, where they usually find duplicate postings and a clutter of irrelevant jobs. Google knows this, so it is collaborating with them in the Google for Jobs initiative by showing their offers right within results.

The new feature sprang out of the company's Cloud Jobs API effort, which it announced past year as a way to provide access to its machine learning capabilities to power better search results for job boards. Also, Google will include various job listings on the homepages of companies.

Thanks to Google, looking for a new job is now easier than ever because yesterday, the company launched their new job search feature. Instead of requiring users to download a new app, this new AI-powered tool allows job seekers in the use Google's existing search function, which are accessible via desktop and mobile. This new feature allows everyone to search for new jobs on practically every major online job board. Users signed in to Google with location tracking can see the commute times to nearby jobs and can quickly return to the updating job results. After this, you can further refine your searches to include full-time or part-time positions for instance. The company has provided open documentation that other firms can use to push their job listings to its search results.

As soon as you get the job, the website will direct you to the site of the job to begin the application process.

For employers or site owners with job content, this feature helps bring prominent place in search results, the employer's your postings are eligible to be displayed in the in the new job search feature on Google, featuring the logo, reviews, ratings and job details.

Google does not intend to directly compete with Monster, CareerBuilder and similar sites with this new feature.

Hence, via one single platform of Google, the job seeker can discover jobs posted in any of these portals, instantly.

To make the tool more simpler, Google has added a Search field area where user can enter a query and the tool will respond accordingly. According to Google, there are no plans in the works to let employers posts jobs directly to its jobs search engine.

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