At least 10 injured by turbulence on United Airlines flight to Houston

Passengers Injured on United Airlines Flight to Bush Airport

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Turbulence is blamed for at least seven injuries on a United flight to Houston Tuesday.

The plane was en route from Panama City to Houston, Texas, and the strong turbulence reportedly lasted 20minutes.

At least 10 people were hurt after turbulence hit an global flight to Houston Tuesday.

Airlines are required to report serious injuries and deaths from turbulence, but the FAA does not track less severe injuries from turbulence, which occur in a larger number of incidents.

The Boeing 737 landed in Houston at 2:30 p.m. without additional issues.

The aircraft was battered while flying past Cancun near to where a tropical cyclone is churning. Although pilots will typically warn travelers of the chances of turbulence during a flight when they are aware of bad weather, sometimes turbulence can occur in cloudless skies with flawless visibility.

Those injured included teens, grandparents and a crew member. All of those injured were not wearing a seatbelt when the plane hit the turbulence.

Seven had to be taken to hospital after United Airlines flight 1031 landed at around 1.30pm on Tuesday. At this point, reports the Daily Mail, the flight began experiencing severe turbulence, causing many to be thrown from their seats, with some passengers hitting the ceiling.

Some of the customers had to undergo surgery due to the extent of their injuries.

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