Venezuela walks out of America's summit in Mexico

OAS Resumes Talks to Find Peaceful Solution to Venezuela Crisis - US Envoy

Venezuela crisis tops agenda for Americas summit in Mexico

Venezuela's foreign minister walked out of a meeting of diplomats from across the Americas gathered in Mexico on Monday to discuss the ongoing political crisis in the South American country.

19 de junio de 2017, 17:26Caracas, Jun 19 (Prensa Latina) First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello asserted today that the curretn meeting in Mexico shows the servility of the Organization of American States (OAS) to imperialist interests.

The United States, Mexico, Canada and several South American nations issued a statement expressing their "disappointment" at the vote, which for the second time in a month fell a few votes shy of the two-thirds majority of the 34 member nations needed for approval.

"What can we say to the sick, who can't find medicines?" Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray said of the setback, referring to the medicine shortages Venezuelans are experiencing.

But he said a strongly worded resolution on Venezuela's retreat from democracy could have symbolic impact and embolden Maduro's domestic opponents.

Almost 70 people have died, hundreds more have been injured and thousands have been detained in months of protests in the South American nation.

Called by President Nicolas Maduro, the ANC will have broad powers to rewrite Venezuela's constitution following the election of delegates in July.

"We don't expect much of the worldwide community", said protester Luis Serran, 22.

Mexico, the USA and other countries had been lobbying OAS member states to adopt a watered-down Venezuela resolution after seeing resistance from some of the socialist oil exporter's allies.

Amid the clashes on Caracas's main highway, 17-year-old Fabian Urbina was killed by a bullet wound to the chest, local authorities said without providing more details. The company, which has previously received criticism for arming the militaries of Turkey and Bahrain, claimed that it did not consider the political leanings of their customers and warned that blocking their exports could "have dramatic consequences, since there may be no alternative for security forces other than using firearms".

Smilde said it helps that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson decided against attending, opting to stay in Washington and instead hold talks on the crisis involving Qatar.

A meeting on the sidelines of the OAS general assembly failed on Monday to agree on a resolution formally rebuking Venezuela, where 75 people have been killed in protests in recent weeks.

Earlier Monday in Caracas, government supporters and opponents exchanged shoves and blows outside the offices of chief prosecutor Luis Ortega Diaz, who has opposed the planned constitutional overhaul in a break with the Maduro administration.

Protester Pablo Quintero said he is a Venezuelan who had to leave his country "looking for food, looking for safety". "On the contrary, it simply gives her more strength to continue down the path of legality that she has chosen".

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