Triple Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis retiring from acting

"He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years", the star's publicist, Leslee Dart, said in a statement to Variety.

Day-Lewis is the first ever to win three Oscars for Best Actor: in 2012 as the titular character in Lincoln, fin 2007 or his role in There Will Be Blood, and in 1989 for My Left Foot.

Daniel Day-Lewis, three-time Oscar victor and arguably greatest actor of his generation, is retiring.

Man. I bet Daniel-Day Lewis is dope at cobbling.

The actor was also nominated for two additional Oscars for his roles in Gangs of NY (2002) and In the Name of the Father (1993).

The 60-year-old, three-time Oscar victor announced today via his publicist that he's done with acting for good.

Meryl Streep gives the Best Actor Oscar for Lincoln to an emotional Daniel Day-Lewis during the Academy Awards in 2013.

Day-Lewis was also known to be extremely picky about his projects, often waiting years in between roles. Day-Lewis is famous for ducking the spotlight and taking years between roles to either prepare for his performances or pursue interests off the screen (shoemaking among them).

Barring an MJ-like comeback tour, your last chance to see one of the most interesting actors of our generation in theaters will be this Christmas in Phantom Thread, his second collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson after There Will Be Blood. Variety reports that "Day-Lewis intends to help promote the movie, according to a person familiar with his plans".

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