Seth Rogen has been sliding into Donald Trump Jr.'s DMs

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On Monday's Late Show, Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert joined forces to send direct messages to their mutual Twitter follower, Donald Trump Jr. However, as the Internet found out over the weekend, one person Rogen will not be DMing any time soon is comedy legend Rob Schneider. "Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russian Federation, and destroy the environment", reads one of the three DMs Rogen has sent.

Yo! @DonaldJTrumpJr! I noticed you follow me on Twitter. You may see it below. That means that if Rogen were to follow Trump Jr. back, he would now be able to reach out to him privately, slide into his DM's if you will. Colbert shared several or Rogen's tweets that drew laughter from the audience.

When Rogen went to send another DM he realized he had sent more DMs to Trump Jr., telling him to have his dad look into Mike Flynn and saying he thinks Trump would prefer to go "back to hosting game shows".

Before Rogen sent yet another communication of his own, he revealed he actually sent a third message "late one night" where he sounded like he was "creeping on him like someone who's blocking me on Tinder".

Rogen ended up sending another message while sitting beside Colbert. Colbert angered many with a recent skit where Laura Benanti portrayed Melania Trump as being trapped in the White House and engaging in sexual fantasies about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as the Inquisitr previously reported. Do you agree with those who are calling for a boycott of Stephen Colbert? My guess is that at this point Jr. just wants to keep tabs on these guys for some kind of revenge or something because it's quite evident that Rogen and Colbert aren't exactly Trump Jr.'s biggest fans.

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