Project Fi group repay splits your bill to save arguments

For a service like Google's Project Fi, where every user may incur very different fees, that can quickly become a hassle, so starting today, Project Fi can automatically handle this for you with the launch of its new "group repay" option. Each month, the service will calculate participating members' portion of the bill, send out payment reminders, and let members repay plan owners directly through Project Fi. Remember on Project Fi, data is $10/month per gigabit. One is to pay the same fixed amount for each person on the bill. Once you've selected, Project Fi will do the math and take care of the rest.

According to Google's own survey, about 50 percent of people aged 18 to 34 who have a group plan now share their plans with their parents and half of them pay at least some share of the bill.

Each reminder includes the amount requested/due and a "Send Money" button. It's also worth noting that plan owners can even cash out repayments automatically to a debit card or checking account. Plan owners can view full payment history and status for the current month.

This week the folks at Google have split the bill up for users of Google Fi.

This new feature makes it much easier to use a group plan on Project Fi, especially if you've been looking to get a group plan with a few friends, but don't want to pay for your friends service every month. Project Fi's Group Repay simplifies that process by not only calculating how much each person owes, but also by notifying them that their bill is due and making it easy to pay the plan owner.

Google's working hard to push Project Fi, and why wouldn't it?

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