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There's a new toy called fidget spinners which are rolling around the world and its widespread presence has spread across school classrooms and social media. "When you start seeing these things flying off the shelf at your local 7-11, you know things are heating up", she said. She was playing with a couple of weeks ago when one of the metal bearings inside the toy came out and flew into her mouth.

"The fidget spinner has taken the world by storm and it is the one toy distracting children from screens and giving them a different brain-body play experience", Bush says.

Her story is not the only one of something like this happening. Fortunately, her father managed to give her back blow until she was able to breathe.

"Our son swallowed the disc of a fidget spinner last night & ended up at RNSH Emergency", she told the North Shore Mums Facebook group on Sunday.

The pieces are about the size of a quarter and can easily get caught in a child's esophagus.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission now investigates incidents that involve fidget spinners. They say parents should keep a close eye on their kids when playing with the toy. But the parents must think before placing this toy in the hands of children as it increases the choking risk. This toy is gaining popularity in recent months because these tiny top-like gadgets which spin fast with fingers and help kids in focusing are known for its stress-relieving effect which is shown on Amazon.

"Be careful with them, an accident can happen anytime", Shane says.

According to Bush, fidget spinners are also being marketed for their "therapeutic value" for ADHD, anxiety and autism, but can also be seen from an educational and developmental point of view.

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