Khadija Saye, my dear artist friend whose laughter I will never forget

London tower block fire the missing

London tower block fire the missing

The Labour MP for Tottenhem, David Lammy (who is Green's husband), sent out a tweet pleading for information about Saye's whereabouts, describing her as a "dear friend, a attractive soul and an emerging artist".

Mohammed Alhajali, a Syrian refugee, was the first to be named. Januszczak called on Maria Balshaw, the new director of the Tate, to display her work. God bless your attractive soul. She had written on Facbeook: "It's been a real journey, tears shed, highs and lows, but mama, I'm an artist exhibiting at the Venice Biennale and the blessings are abundant!" "I mourn the tragic loss of a wonderful young woman", he posted.

He fled the war in Syria in 2014 and had not been able to see his family since.

"The emergency services said to stay inside and put a blanket at the bottom of the front door to block smoke getting in, and we'll come and get you out".

Her daughter added: "We don't live in a Third World country, we live in a rich country".

Becoming emotional, he said: "And it breaks my heart, that it's happening in Britain in 2017".

Yesterday Commander Cundy said the conditions inside the building are "indescribable" and the operation to recover the bodies of those who tragically died in the blaze will take weeks.

It is expected that the total will rise as it is not expected that any survivors will be found.

He said that efforts were focused on keeping families as informed as soon as possible when they know beyond doubt that it is their loved one who has been identified.

DEMANDS were made yesterday for the "killers" behind the deadly inferno at Grenfell Tower to face justice.

He reportedly got separated from his family in the smoke and the BBC has now learned that he died.

Described by his mother Genet Shawo as a "beautiful boy", he was a pupil at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School and lived in Grenfell Tower with parents Ms Shawo and Paulos Petakle and brother Luca, who is three.

Authorities are still struggling to find out how many people were actually in the 24-storey building when the fire started in the early hours of Wednesday. They are believed to be Marco Gottardi and his girlfriend, Gloria Trevisan, based on information from Gottardi's cousin.

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