Alleged Virginia shooter linked to many GOP-hate groups on Facebook

Final Tally Congressional Baseball Game Raised Over $1.5 Million

Congressional Baseball Game breaks records for fundraising, ticket sales

Hodgkinson's criminal history included a 2006 arrest on battery charges that were later dismissed, as well as multiple traffic violations.

Salter reported from Belleville, Illinois. The team was practicing for Thursday's charity game against the Democratic Congressional baseball team at Nationals Park, an annual tradition dating back to 1909.

The firearms recovered after a gunman opened fire on a Republican congressional baseball practice and injured five people in Alexandria, Virginia, appear to have been purchased legally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other authorities said Thursday.

Sanders said the suspect had "apparently volunteered" on his campaign. Her daughter and a 2-year-old grandchild had moved in with the Hodgkinsons before that, she said, and her husband may have left because he wanted "a break from it". Meanwhile, investigators are not saying if the people on the shooter's list were planned targets.

According to Former Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, he thought Hodgkinson was homeless being that he wore the same clothes every day and appeared to be living out of his gym bag, The Advocate notes. She says she learned her husband was involved when she received a call from a news reporter.

His brother Michael told The New York Times: "I know he wasn't happy with the way things were going, the election results and stuff". "I can not believe it", she said.

Stephen Brennwald, another YMCA member, said he never saw Hodgkinson talk to anyone and figured the man was a "loner". He died of his injuries on Wednesday afternoon. Zack Barth, a congressional aide, was shot in the calf, treated and released from a hospital. Two of the police officers were shot by Hodgkinson before he was fatally shot.

The FBI has contacted at least one of the three congressmen to inform them of their inclusion on the list.

Hodgkinson's wife told media members this week that she was shocked by the actions of her estranged husband.

The FBI said it had recovered and was processing a cellphone, a computer and a camera.

"We're just not sure at this time" how he spent his time, he said.

Ray Page, who knew Hodgkinson for 30 years, told CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds on Thursday he was "very surprised" to hear about Hodgkinson's involvement in the attack. He always drank alone, and always drank cans of Budweiser - sometimes just one, sometimes as many as six, said Kristina Scrimshaw, a bartender at the restaurant.

"I am sickened by this despicable act", Sanders said in a statement condemning all acts of violence.

In a 2010 letter, he wrote, "I don't envy the rich; I despise the way they have bought our politicians..." "She had no idea he felt as strong as he did", Wagner said. "I don't know, maybe he came for the WiFi", Russell added.

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