3.0 natural disaster strikes near Augusta

Augusta experiences 3.2 magnitude earthquake

Magnitude 3.0 earthquake reported in Augusta

Earlier this month, a 2.5 magnitude natural disaster was reported northeast of Gordon.

That natural disaster registered as a 0.5 on the Richter Scale, according to USGS, and was also recorded near Lincolnville and Ladson. The USGS showed it began in the vicinity of Killebrew and Woodward avenues in south Augusta. The agency is still working to assess any damage that may have resulted but it said the shaking motion likely triggered home and business alarms, according to spokeswoman Dee Griffin.

The ground shook in Augusta just before noon Tuesday, during what has so far been Georgia's largest quake this year. There is no indication that additional trimmers will be experienced in the Augusta area.

It was the second quake in Kansas Monday and the 12th quake in the state in June.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported the quake was 14.9 kilometers (or 9.28 miles) deep and felt as far away as Aiken and Dearing.

"The shaking many felt in the Rose Hill area was an quake centered at approximately SW 210th Street and Butler Road", Butler County Fire District #3 posted to its Facebook page.

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