YotaPhone 3 to launch later this year, priced around Rs 22000

The YotaPhone 3 is officially arriving later this year

YotaPhone 3 Announced With Prices For Two Variants

The first YotaPhone was announced a couple of years ago and it was unlike anything on the market back then.

You may remember back to 2015 when you heard about an odd device called the YotaPhone 2 featuring not one but two full-size screens, with the rear being an E-ink display.

YotaPhone 3 is estimated at United States $ 350, and this is a very reasonable price, because it includes 64 GB of internal memory and an additional full-sized screen based on electronic ink.

As far as hardware goes, the YotaPhone 2 was strictly a mid-range device by 2015's standards. However, due to production issues, Yota Devices made a decision to cancel the North American launch of the dual-screened device. However, the North American release for the YotaPhone 2 was later canceled. What we don't have at the moment is confirmation that the new handset is going to be available anywhere else, so don't pin all your hopes on this being your next smartphone just yet.

Well, it turns out the YotaPhone 3 is now official, based on at a trade show in China. They didn't share very many details but we do know that the 64GB model will retail around $350 and the 128GB model costs $450.

Russian site Vedomosti also says that the YotaPhone 3 will ship in China this coming September and pre-orders in Russia will start at the same time.

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