Trump tweets about Democrats, Georgia election

There have already been two special congressional elections since President Trump took office, and both were won by Republicans.

"There are folks in the 6th district, across the state, across the country, who have lost some faith that politics can deliver solutions, that politics can deliver hope", Ossoff said. The seat opened in February when Price resigned to become Trump's health and human service secretary.

That edge in outside financial support still isn't enough to close Ossoff's yawning fundraising advantage, however. During a recent trip to the district, The Washington Post encountered numbers of them in blue T-shirts going door to door - a glimpse into the energy on the Democratic side, especially among progressive millennial-age voters who see Trump as anathema to their views.

Russell emphasized that it's still too early in the election cycle to know for sure if the primaries will make life hard for the party. "And that sending another career politician to D.C. ain't going to change anything".

Carver's comments came days after Principled PAC, which has been disavowed by some on the right, aired an advertisement on Fox News that claimed the "same unhinged leftists cheering last week's shooting are all backing Jon Ossoff".

Ossoff is slightly ahead of Handel in the polls, but if he wins, it will be a "wake-up call", said Perdue. "Every vote will count". And a surge of turnout could wind up helping Republicans simply because they outnumber Democrats in the district. The district has about 530,000 registered voters. Ossoff finished with 48 percent of the vote, falling just short of winning the special election outright, compared to Handel's 20 percent. "Stop them now. Stop Jon Ossoff". Ossoff also held a cookout and a pep rally, where he thanked volunteers and staffers.

All told, groups supporting Handel are behind the vast majority-more than $19 million-of the roughly $27 million in outside spending that's been reported in the race. A total of 193,981 ballots were cast in that election.

For Handel, Ossoff's "values are 3,000 miles away in San Francisco", the hometown of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. "She is from that district, and nobody knows the district better than her". A source familiar with Ossoff's campaign said they're bracing for the possibility of a recount.

Georgia's 6th district encompasses much of suburban Atlanta and until recently was considered a shoe-in for Republicans. Handel was second, with 19.8 percent as the Republican vote was split between a wealth of candidates.

"Democrats saw an opportunity, so they went all in", said Randy Evans, a Republican National Committeeman from Georgia. Handel served as deputy chief of staff when Tanenblatt was chief of staff for Perdue while he was governor.

"We'll be back again for 2018".

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